Economical fencing with t-posts

Discussion in 'Homesteading Questions' started by sassy_mare, Aug 3, 2005.

  1. sassy_mare

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    Oct 19, 2004
    I need to fence off 660' (the front of our parcel)along the highway to keep dogs in and act as a barrier in case a horse were to ever get loose from the electric fencing. I tried 14 gauge welded wire w/ t posts but it looked terrible.

    Anything else I can use with t-posts? I've already purchased them and have no way of pounding wood ones except by hand!

    Thanks all!
  2. fordy

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    Sep 13, 2003
    Whiskey Flats(Ft. Worth) , Tx
    ........H....................H....................H..... you need 3 h-braces across the front . Hire someone to comeout and DIG the Holes , 12 inches in diameter and 3 feet deep. You can buy the h's already welded up. Use "Red Brand" field fence , the rolls will be 330 feet long and 47 inches high and very heavy . BUY the wire that has the SMALLEST Squares|rectangles . The middle h-brace will be centered so you should stretch approximately 300 feet at a time and tie off . then stretch the other half . Put the wire on the INSIDE of the tposts . This is all common sense when you finally accept the fact that it's just plain old hard work but very rewarding when you get finished .

    ....Set each corner h-brace...i.e. dig holes and cement in the ground ...
    ....stretch string line between them to mark the place for the MIDDLE h-brace .
    ....NOw , set the middle h-brace . then use that same string line as a marker to drive your tposts .
    ....Now , it's time to stretch the wire . Now , take aroll of wire and lay on the ground and simply roll it out Flat , then tie one end(to the h-brace) , and hook a comealong to the other end and start stretching , as the wire gets tight you will need to walk along and start standing IT up and lean it against the Tposts . Then , you've still got more stretching to do before your finished ! So keep pumping the comealong very slowly and you'll eventually get it tight enough to pick a Tune on . Hard work!!!..fordy :shrug:

  3. Hank - Narita

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    Aug 12, 2002
    You are right; we hired a professional to do our place and it was money well spent.
  4. foxtrapper

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    Dec 23, 2003
    I've got several thousand feet of fence with metal t-posts. Some things I've learned about doing it.

    Corner bracing with metal t-posts isn't easy. Oh, the catalogs and such make it sound simple, but what happens is the post pull out. Lots of them recommend /I, which just jacks the I right out. /H might hold. Wish I'd have done it the first time.

    Using those cute clips that lock t-posts together is expensive and they don't work very well. They pop out, twist, and foul the fence wire. Using a little grinder to cut notches in the posts was far more effective and cheaper. The same grinder takes off the ground tabs of t-posts, making them into nice cross braces.

    Pull tension on the fence. Welded wire or woven, both need tension pulled on them to make them tight. Your truck and a come-a-long do a great job. Welded wire needs far less tension than woven wire fencing.

    Welded wire stays looking nicer than woven wire. Woven wire doesn't vertically support itself well, stretches very easily, and does a nice thermal sag in the summer.
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    Aug 7, 2002
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    HORSES! PEOPLE SHE SAID HORSES!! Id say take the postas back buy some nice 10 footers and a roll of 8' ostrich or horse fence . Then use the H advise! the corners are a killer! and a opening is too ! The easy way there is to buy the 2 biggest gates you can, havethem swing towards each other overlap 2 feet hang them from telephone poles sunk 4 feet deep and 17 feet tall and connected atthe top!