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This is the second of a two part plan to prepare for a worst case Ebola outbreak, intended to help the reader take control of their own situation without panicking because of a lack of knowledge. This information is not intended to give advice on the diagnosis, prevention, or treatment of any medical condition; it is simply offered to provoke thought and to help people prepare themselves and their families for difficult situations. If you trust our government to control the spread of Ebola and to keep your family safe, you probably won’t be interested. If that is not the case however, you might want to continue reading and think about what you can do to keep your own family safe.

What is Ebola and what do you need to know?

Ebola is a VIRUS, part of a group of viral hemorrhagic fevers like Dengue or Yellow Fever. Antibiotics don’t affect viruses and if used as part of the treatment, are actually treating a bacterial infection (secondary to the Ebola infection). Not all patients exhibit the bleeding symptoms until near death.
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