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Eastern Idaho flooding

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They have had lots of trouble in the last few weeks with snow melt. Mostly from ur Western Wyoming mountain snow melt. The river below us has been running very high for over a month now.

The last two days we have had severe thundershowers in the evenings. Flash flooding is now flooding towns and cities underpasses and basements. The rivers will really be bad in the next few days.

We have the same downpours here but luckily the house id built on a slope. The pastures have gotten a great soaking and will soon be knee-high and the horses will be in heaven. We are supposed to get this kind of rain every night for another week.
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OK the house is up higher, what about the pastures? Are they also safe from any flooding?
Yes, no flooding for us. We are on a mountain a couple of hundred feet above the valley floor.
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It all averages out....We haven't had any rain here for 12 days and none expected for another seven...Worst stretch of drought in my ten years here. I've been luggin' water to keep my seeds wet twice a day lately.

The "ENSO-meter" is swinging towards El Nino conditions -->warmer, drier in the northern tier of states; wetter, cooler in the southern.

Remember, as my son likes to say-- "El Nino" is Spanish for "The Nino."
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