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Ear candling

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How many here use ear candles? I got some specifically for my mother-in-law as she is hard of hearing, & using the candles helps somewhat. I know some people think they are a joke & don't work, but I have seen the results . . . . . . . . . yuck!! (Where is a vomit icon when you need it?!?)

Anyways, getting low on candles, and wondering if anybody out there makes them and needs a customer? PM me the details. Thanks.
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Jim East Tn said:
michael ---- just for kicks and for your own edification--stick 1 in a glass bottle and burn it ---then peel the bottom off--I did myself. You may be suprised.
Oh.. silly man.... You aren't trying to scientifically prove ear candles don't WORK, are you?

Just for your info (and others here).. I use ear candles weekly on myself, my husband and my son. NOW.. that being said.. YES.. there are groups of little light yellow microscopic particles of the bee's wax that makes up the candles that gets into the "finished product".

NOW.. to further your 'experiment'.. take a few ear candles and use them in your Ears! You will then see the DIFFERENCE between the yellow particles and the almost brown/red of the actual wax from the Ears!!!

Geesh. Just have to be careful when using that they don't get clogged up.. and also.. keep something handy to unplug the small hole. It's okay to remove them a time or two during candleing. I am a Professional.. but I don't make money using ear candles! LOL! :)
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cowgirlone said:
You know Chickflick, I'm just going to have to find me some to try. If it makes at least one of my ear-aches feel better...then it's worth it! :)
Oh well... If Opinions were $$$$ we'd all be RICH!! :eek:

If you have a particularly bad clog... you could use a couple in a row. But try to use no more than 4 (sets) in the first 5 days or so.. after that.. weekly is okay.

I am also going to come back here (as soon as I FIND the brand) and will post some good ones to get. My 'supplier' just switched, and after three uses now, I am not pleased. They seem to be getting too hot near my ear??? I think the holes are too big maybe... ANYWAY.. I will call her tomorrow for the GREAT ones she used to carry. (I found them once on the web.. but could not relocate them at a later date when I WAS looking for them.. Grrrr.)

The particular manufacturer I like, puts little green papers w/whatever store/shop you like inside the plastic with a set of two candles. They are REALL good if you can find them.

And furthermore: I tried making some.. FORGET ABOUT IT!! LOL!!! What a mess.. The price suddenly got REAL nice for the expertly made candles!! :eek:
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I'm with you Michael.. and What I said before. That Doctor is full of it... IF he's even a doctor at all!! And if he IS.. wouldn't be the first time THEY tried to get us to do things THEIR way. I really enjoyed the part where he's kind of 'fussing' about an ear candler charging $30!!! ROFLMAO.. wow. I went to a (lousey, by the way) Poditrist who charged $200 for just the Office Visit.. Pft.
Sounds a bit scarey... does it burn about the same rate as the Waxed candles? Hmm... seems like it would be really fast! :) ?????
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