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Ear candling

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How many here use ear candles? I got some specifically for my mother-in-law as she is hard of hearing, & using the candles helps somewhat. I know some people think they are a joke & don't work, but I have seen the results . . . . . . . . . yuck!! (Where is a vomit icon when you need it?!?)

Anyways, getting low on candles, and wondering if anybody out there makes them and needs a customer? PM me the details. Thanks.
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love ear candling. works great. can hear better afterwards. great for earaches too. try massaging/pulling the ear open more right under the back of the earlobe. also, it helps to have a bamboo skewer handy to poke the hole open, as mine always seems to clog.

how is this for wacky? i candle myself, alone, and have never had a catastrophe. i know how to walk on the wild side.
1 - 1 of 39 Posts
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