Dwarf or pygmie???

Discussion in 'Goats' started by CurtisWilliams, Sep 24, 2005.

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    Mar 14, 2005
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    I just bought two small goats from a woman a couple of towns over. She has been breeding what she called Nigerian Dwarfs for several years. However, she did not impress me with her knowledge of goats and the different characteristics. How can I tell if they are dwarfs or pygmies? These girls are 1-1/2 yo and weigh about 35 lbs each. They stand about 24" at the wethers and have horns about 5" long.

    One of them was observed mating 3 weeks ago, but she looks very pregnant. All the goats were in a communal pen, so it might be much further along. If she is 3 weeks pregnant would she show so much?

    Is fetus size determined by the father as well as the mother? Should I not breed a full size Nubian buck to these little girls?

    I'm sure I'll have more questions as I learn more, but thats enough for now.

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    Nigerian Dwarfs are much more refined with a "dairy look" than pygmies. They shouldn't look really stocky or cobby. They best way is to look at a lactating doe. Her udder should be much bigger than a pygmy if she is a dwarf. It should be more well attatched and give the appearance of an animal that "puts it in the bucket."

    Here is a link to pictures of Nigerian Dwarfs.

    Here is a link to pictures of Pygmies.

    You really shouldn't be able to tell if a goat is pregnant until she is about four months pregnant by her belly size. A goat should always look somewhat pregnant. This is a goat in good condition that is healthy.

    Yes, the size of a fetus is determined by both a sire and dam. No, I would not encourage you to breed them to a nubian buck. For one mounting alone would be hard on the does. Second the kids will have a much greater chance of being too big at birth.

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    To start off go to the national pygmy goat website and you can get alot of information off of there.Here is the link.


    and here is the link to the nigerian dwarf goat websit.


    also a common chacteristic of nigerian is that they will have blue eyes.You do find that alot of the pygmies have been crossed bred with nigerians with people thinking that they were pygmies.

    As like the other poster stated,do not take a minature goat(a doe) of any kind and breed it to a full size breed goat(buck).This will cause alot of problems for the doe as ahe will have problems giving birth and you could loose both momma and baby.

    Hope this helps ya
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    Also with so many crosses of ND/Pygmy that without reg papers on them you won't know for sure. Also no I would not suggest breeding to a full sized buck for reason as stated above.
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    another thing to consider is if they are just grade animals, because if they are they look totally different from registered show stock. all the pictures you have seen so far are registered stock. yours could be pure pygmy but look more like a nigerian, or vice versa.
    this is one of my grade pygmies (the first pic) as compared to a registered pygmy (the second pic). totally and completely different! my pygmies are large,tall and long from neck to rump, and weigh in between 50-100+ pounds, while the registered ones are small, short and have skinny lil legs (like a barrel with toothpick legs) and and weigh in more around 45+lbs, i think, not to sure though. i dont own reg. pygmies. mine stand above the knee, and as you can see, the registered show type is well below the knee


    (i got this pic from a website.)

    pygmies are known to be cubby fat things, and may look pregnant when they are not. if she was bred 3 weeks ago i would go with that idea, because a doe will not tolerate a buck mounting her if she was not in heat, and she wouldnt be if she was pregnant. she would otherwise run away or attack him.
    sorry i cant provide pictures of nigerians, i dont have any experience with them! hope i helped,