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Dutch Farmers Storm To Victory In Regional Elections, Set To Become Largest Party In The Senate

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"Voters dealt a hammer blow to the Dutch establishment in Wednesday’s regional elections, propelling the Farmer-Citizen Movement (BBB) to become the largest party in the Senate in just its first election.

Exit polls projected the movement will win 15 seats in the Dutch upper chamber as voters sent a clear message to Mark Rutte’s government over its planned nitrogen emissions laws campaigners say will devastate the country’s agricultural sector.

“The Dutch have clearly shown that they are fed up with the policy,” BBB leader Caroline van der Plas told De Telegraaf late on Wednesday. “I’m going to party.”

“The turnaround has started. The voters have spoken and have denounced support of this government,” she added in a tweet."
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The WEF, Greenies and the Davos crowd want to destroy nitrogen and carbon which are the building blocks of life. Why? Not to save the planet though that is the greenwashing of the useful idiots. Is the planet being terraformed? Big Hat Tip to the Dutch Farmers. Hopefully their example will ignite a brush fire of farmers world wide fighting back.
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After seeing what the Washington establishment did, and continues to do, to the outsider that got elected president, I'm sure Washington won't let any Farmer Citizen Movement gain traction. I can see Washington putting in a huge effort to squash any people's movement that might upset "The Swamp".
So True plus Big Ag would not want to jeopardize their subsidies (Farmer Welfare)
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