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This is our second year cutting our own hay. We have about 9-10 acres of local grasses. I'm not super great on grass identification but do know there's quack grass in some places (not a majority).

We had decent weather this year, it was drier than usual for us. We don't have a tedder but let it cure, then rake, then let it bake for a few hours longer in the sun, then bale in small squares (about 20-35lbs).

Some bales visibly had mold spores and others I couldn't see anything but they were quite dusty.

I'd rather produce nicer hay and it sounds like, weather permitting, we need to let it dry up a little bit more. It appears nice and crisp but apparently isn't quite. Mostly this occurs with the quack grass, which is a larger leaf.

Should we get a moisture meter to help?
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