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arnoldw said:
I read a few of the article on raw milk. Does it change the milk that much if you go a head an pasturize the milk before you sell it. make butter or cheese give it away or doing a cow share. Does that help on the raw milk issue as fare as legal issues or different state isuues. Im right on the border of nc and sc. live in nc. In nc it is illegal to sale raw milk. In sc it is legal to sale raw milk. It is illegal to take milk from nc and sell raw milk in sc. I havent checked on the butter or cheese issue. I dont want to go through the usda issue. I want to hand milk in the cleanest enviorment that I can and may get read off some extra milk. Im considering just buying holesteins and bottle feeding just not to deal with all the raw milk issues. Help. Arnold
I can only speak for Texas, a home pastuerizer is NOT acceptable if you intend to sell the milk as pastuerized. The kind of pastuerizer they require has multiple temp sensors, and recording ability for temps during the pastuerization, and they start at around $7K.

Pastuerization kills pathogens (bad stuff), but also kills all digestive enzymes in the milk (good stuff). You are using a 'dead' food. We are comfortable testing animals for TB/Bruc/Johnnes diseases, and keeping the milk raw.

A low profile will help you, the cowshare agreement particularly, if you want to get your extra milk to people. If you decide to feed animals, no regulatory agency in the world is going to care.

Hope this helps.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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