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Drumroll please...hereeeeee's Eoghan!

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I finally have photos of our baby Eoghan! These were made just a few days after I brought him home. This is before his eye was stitched shut (his stitches come out Wednesday). As you can see, Brenna has adopted him (just like she did my bottlefed kitten).

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Eoghan has wonderful puppy breath! He's doing very's amazing how much weight he's gained in a week, almost a pound! Now his little belly is round from eating well. When I got him it was round with worms.
COSunflower...we're hoping to go to animal heaven when we die. There will be a lot of dear four-legged friends there that we want to be reunited with.
Hubby gave Eoghan a bath this morning, so now he smells like a baby (Johnson's Baby Shampoo). He's curled up on the big doggie bed with Brenna and my cat Hermione.
1 - 4 of 18 Posts
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