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I just found this forum. Some time ago I took my car into the shop for regular service tune up. I'd had this car since it was new and it had never given me any trouble; 110K miles. When the shop was done I tried to drive it home and it died not half a mile from the shop. I managed to get it started again and drove the other half mile home and it died again in my driveway. Wouldn't start, cranking but not turning over.

Called shop, they came out and tinkered with it the next day and got it started. Drove it the next day about two miles and it died again and I couldn't restart it. The tach was flying wildly in the low numbers and it was losing power, then the tach just dropped to zero and it went out. Shop came and got the car again.

After keeping it for several days they called and said that they had doublechecked and found nothing wrong with their work. Said they could start the car but as soon as it warmed up it died like it had been for me. Said they didn't know what was wrong with it, but were ordering parts. I said no and got the car back instead. I tried starting it the other day and it started but sounds very bad and I just couldn't trust driving it.

Any ideas? What happened to my car?
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