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"Drive-By" appraisals---

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ASHTABULA County, Ohio is being subjected to 'drive-by' appraisals-- looking to eliminate CAUV status for people who are 'not farming'-- so, city folk are determining that a hayfield or greenhouse is not a farm activity, but an overweight mini-horse with a 'tude is--- these 'appraisers' are demanding 'reciepts' from long time farmers-- going to point of saying the schedule F ( filed with the IRS 'long form') is not valid!!!!:grit: The county is ignoring state regulations about the CAUV usage- even ignoring the lot sizes in relation to financial 'reports' that determine if the CAUV status is legal--- I know of several instances where the county has tried to make the buyer of a piece of property that has carried CAUV 'pay back' the unrealized taxes from the previous owners...

Study your state codes, folks---and know them well-- there is trouble afoot, and the small guy who just wants to take care of himself will be paying the price.... In Ohio, I have found agricultural issues peppered in some of the strangest places of both revised and administrative codes...many things go 'unenforced' but it is wise to know what they are, too. Soil and water regulations are rife with agricultural provisions...

Terry W-- who made SURE she retained the right to complain, by VOTING!!!!
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Most of us are okay with the county getting truly 'unfarmed' land back into the higher tax rates-- after all, the 'farmers' have moved on-- ususally by dying off, and the kids just let the land sit. There is a difference within the codes-- less than 10 acres, must have a minimum pf 2500 or 50% of income from the creage-- more than 10 acres, no income 'requirement' need be met. however-- many people who are 'homesteading' out here manage their woodlots-- a valid agricultural activity-- one new neighbor, after getting the CAUV letter, added three cows to his three horses-- making the hayfields even more necessary for the maintenence of 'livestock' Some of us thnk it is kind of funny-- that the long established farmers are getting letters removing the CAUV status (what do haybarns, greenhouses, sheep, cows, poultry, multiple pieces of farm equipment, and half acres plots of one type of vegetable MEAN to these idiot drive by people? the person with a pet mini- horse gets CAUV, but the person makiing a real living from his land doesn't?

oh yeah, a lot of people recently got hit with the ariel photo footprint thing---all kinds of buildings with no permit history-- Ashtabula county is supposedly in a bankrupt situation--but somehow, some of the local townships are getting things done. One neighbor took in the last 10 years of tax returns, showing the income generation from each of her various, diverse activities. Another announced "here's MY permit", and showed the drive by inspector a shotgun.....I look at it this way-- I have an APHIS site ID number-- why have one if I wasn't farming?

yeah, 'we' voted for change--I want that change to be the 'American Dream' though-- not the dream of Party Line politics....
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