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Drag show laws

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Why are they trying to and succeeding in passing laws on drag?

Do they believe that one sex dressing in the clothes of another sex is obscene?
Do they believe that only one sex should wear makeup?
Do they believe that dressing up as the opposite sex will make you gay?

Would you be against a story hour if the reader dressed like a chipmunk? Why is that different than one sex dressing as another sex?
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There are laws being passed in regard to drag queen story time?
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It is simple. If you don't like who is reading the story or what they are reading then you don't take your children to the event.

This thread is not about prompting it. It is about understanding why one group of people get to decide for another who reads their children stories.
When "Drag Queen" story hour is being conducted in the schools, during school hours and parents are not informed and given the opportunity to opt out, their choice has been taken from them.

Why are schools deciding that children NEED to be exposed to such things? What gives the schools the right to remove that decision from the parents?
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I think the consensus has been very clear in at least one aspect. Drag shows have no place in schools.
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Should these parents be allowed to make decisions for their children?
The perverts in that story bought those children so they could abuse them. They should not be called parents.
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There should be no problem banning Drag Queen story time in schools and public libraries. If they want to do a Drag show story time they should have them in some other place with restricted admission.
BTW, I am not in support of school-aged cheerleaders acting like strippers or putting on sexually provocative shows.
I already said I don't believe they should be in schools. In this very thread.
Yes you did. Sorry. I'll remove your quote from my post.
Just throwing this into the mix. Apparently Tennessee is trying to ban drag shows where children will be present. The drag queens are protesting.

"“In light of recent and tragic events and current events, I was told by people on the internet, ‘Cancel your shows in Tennessee,’ ‘Don’t go to Tennessee,’” Lizzo said during the Friday concert. “Their reason was valid, but why would I not come to the people who need to hear this message the most?”"

What message do drag shows present? Why is it so important for children to attend drag shows?

There is something very wrong when drag shows are supported but it's illegal for a woman to expose her breasts enough to nurse a baby.
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It's indoctrination pure and simple. Drag is being used to teach children that such things are acceptable.

"She wrote, "book bans and attempts to shut down story hours are a unique nightmare: They are an attack not only on freedom of expression but on imagination. Imagination is powerful because it enables us to identify the status quo as a fiction that can be rewritten."

Hot Mess defended drag not only to teach how to "challenge gender stereotypes and celebrate diverse LGBTQ leaders and histories," but as "a creative portal to a new world; through drag we’re able to see those elements of society that are a hot mess and find the courage and creativity to change them."

The author also claimed that drag "echoes many of the most effective learning practices, according to prominent schools of educational theory""

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The Bible is indoctrination as well. Should we outlaw Bible reading hours?
Where have you been? Bible reading in public schools was ended years ago. Leading group prayer in public schools gets school employees fired now.

Recently there have been several groups trying to get the words "under God" removed from the pledge of allegiance.
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I showed a real example of indoctrination. Drag performers reading stories is not.
Yes it is. You read the quote from the article that I posted.
"Courts have determined that allowing bible distribution at public schools—especially to elementary students who cannot make the distinction between private religious speech and state-sponsored speech—is unconstitutional not only because it appears to be government endorsement of Christianity, but also because of the social pressures students feel to accept the bibles. Moreover, these practices infringe parents' rights to direct the religious, or non-religious, upbringing of their own children."

Yet drag show story hour and books with sexually explicit passages are welcome in schools.
As a side note, in the schools here, there are prayer rooms set up for Muslim students. The menus have been modified to eliminate pork to accomodate Muslims.

Yes, most got the point that the Bible, and recently Christmas, have been eliminated from public schools. Madalyn Murray O'Hair started that years ago.

It is interesting that now, concerned parents who want to keep drag queens away from their children are villians.
When it was released Rocky Horror Picture Show was rated R, not for children.

None of the characters in the other shows in that post portrayed men pretending to be women because they felt like they were women.

I used to watch Bossom Buddies. That is nothing like a drag show.

The post doesn't mention Dom DeLuise in Haunted Honeymoon, or Kurt Russell in Tango and Cash. Those aren't drag queens either.

How friggin dumb can you be? Two legged homosexuals can not procreate.
Of course they can. The method of fertilization may be outside their comfort zone but homosexuals can indeed procreate. There is a difference between intercourse for pleasure and intercourse for the means of procreation.
The difference between people dressing up for entertainment and drag queen story time is the agenda. Most of the current story time set-up are not performed to educate or entertain children but to get children to accept the flamboyant display on which drag is based. Drag entertainers that do show and tell with sex toys or encourage physical contact with children should not be allowed in any venue.

ETA, if David Bowie or Elvis had performed at an elementary school and had small children rubbing up against them I'm pretty sure they would have been run out of town, or worse.
I also found stories of Churches and Religious Schools taking part in the mock weddings and manless beauty pageants.
I would stop attending a church and take my children out of a religious school that sponsored things of that nature.
I wonder if a born woman who thinks she is a man, would be allowed to participate in a "womanless beauty pageant".
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