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Discussion in 'Goats' started by blt, Oct 13, 2006.

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    Aug 6, 2005
    Hi all, we moved down to this area spring before last, and this spring we had kids born that had stiff front legs and pasterns, also a couple lambs. We splinted the legs and fed liquid mineral, and had a little success in limbering up the joints, but I really don't want to have this happen again!!!!
    I've owned and raised goats for over 20 yrs, but have never seen that before, so feel it's a deficiency in our feeds down here! But I need advice from anyone used to the Omaha NE area, and what we can do NOW to prevent any more of that heartache!
    Thanks everyone! Looks like breeding's done in the goat shed, and probably with the sheep as well by now. Another season coming! Lorna Jean
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    Jul 19, 2006
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    If it's a deficiency in the soil could you make up for it by feeding a good goat mineral?

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    I know you've probably already thought of this, but you could possibly call your extension agent and either talk to them or to the 4-H goat leaders they can put you in touch with. They should know what's going on in the area.
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    I haven't heard of any specific problems in Nebraska, but do know herds around the state do Bo-se and use copper bolusing. Do you have the money to do some bloodtests? Did a vet look at any of the kids and have an opinion? Go to and see if you have any dairygoat clubs in your area, perhaps you could talk to their president about this, at least with a perspective from someone in your area they may be ableto tell you right off the top what iswrong in your area.

    Although defficencies of selenium and copper are problems in alot of areas, most true defficency is via the water or browse. Few to none of us know where our grains are grown to know what the defficencies are in them. Here because of the iron in our water, we have speicific problems with copper and how other things are utilized or not utilized because of all this iron.

    Are you giving selenium injections pre breeding, pre kidding and the day the kids are born?

    Whats the amount of green that your milkers get in late pregnancy, the only E does get is from green, so if you are snow bown, and not feeding alfalfa hay or pellets, or supplementing with selenium (Bo-se has both selenium and E in it to make it work) than this can be contributing to the problem, freshening further in the spring when the green is out can help, but so can upping the selenium in your mineral and giving injections of Bo-se.
    Whats the copper needs of your goats in the area...cattle?
    Did you use Ivermctin as a wormer last year?
    Did you worm during the first part of pregnancy?
    Do you use a good loose mineral? Vicki