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ive done my laundry in five gallon bucket with a plunger when i lived in a rock quarry in Colorado a few years back..... just add a little soap about a half bucket of water, and plunge away [can even cut a hole in the lid to keep splashing down to stick the handle thru] you can heat water in a dark container for warm water washing..... 1 pair of britches was all i ever had in the bucket at once.... acouple tshirts and few pair of socks you have to gauge it to knnow what fits as dirt varies....the more you have in the bucket the longet it takes to get it clean..... but about 3-5 minutes for bluejeans gets most of the dirt out. Once in awhile i would take my clothes into town to laundry to clean them when the weather was not cooperating too..... but that cost a $1.25 per load.

I used "kirks" castille soap cause we had hard water and it work for most every application.
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