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Mitch, that does sound like a lot for such a small dog. :eek:
I have a 25 yr old cat that drinks constantly and the vet said it's due to her kidneys slowly giving out but it's due to unbelievable old age.
My first guess would be she may be diabetic. They first checked Squiggy my cat for diabetes when I told them how much she drank each day.
You might want to have her checked out; now dogs can live a long,healthy life with diabetes. They just get insulin shots like a human.
Until you get her into the vets, you might try limiting any sweet treats or high carb treats/foods to see if her thirst subsides. That would give you some idea if that is the problem.
Does she pee more than what you think is normal? From what the vet told us, dog diabetes symptoms are very similar to human symptoms-thirst, excessive urination, hunger or lack of appetite, weight gain or loss and skin problems.

Best of Luck with your pooch.
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