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Dog Question

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Sorry to be asking as this may not be the correct place but you guys are all so informative.

First let me say this is not a joke or troll.

We have two Aussie's both from the same litter and were three in March.

Well the black tri has taken to urinating in her sleep. She has been completely house broken up to this point. Nothing else seems to be going on with her. I would say this has been happeneing for the last three months. I have not taken her to the vet's but am now rethinking that option. We do let her out all the time as there are three dogs all together and have been with each other for the past 2.8 years.

Any suggestions other than going to the vet's. Never in all my 54 years with pets have I had a problem like this one come up.

Tks for any and all information. Susan
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She might have a urinary tract infection --- is she peeing *inappropriately* (?) at other times, as well? Then, that would be my first guess.

If she's spayed, she might also have spay incontinence. I have a German Shepherd girl with spay incontinence --- it was horrible when she first came to live with me, but lots of exercise and an improvement in diet have virtually eliminated the problem.

There are also diseases which can cause this --- like diabetes, Addison's (I think Addison's - ??) and some others.

Usually, though, I've found it's a UTI, especially if the pup is also peeing when sitting somewhere or in the house, although fully housebroken, etc.

I'd get her to a vet. Those UTIs can cause lots of trouble if not treated,

If it turns out she has spay incontinence, post again and I'll tell you how I helped this GSH girl with it. :) Spay incontinence is very easy to deal with without drugs.
In addition to the above, one thing I found out about spay incontinence with my German Shepherd girl ----

It gets a lot worse if they're stressed out.

This GSH was EXTREMELY stressed when I got her. She was being dumped by some old neighbors (they were moving :rolleyes: ), had been left in a yard with little shade all summer, been fed erratically and poorly, and received little human contact.

When she first got here, she was almost flooding the room.

Once she began getting regular exercise, regular meals, relief from the weather and playtime, the spay incontinence virtually disappeared. It's no longer a problem for her.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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