dog illness-might save a trip to vet

Discussion in 'Homesteading Questions' started by countrygurl, Jun 14, 2004.

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    Dec 23, 2002
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    last week my 4yr old dog all of a sudden was dragging his bag legs when he walked, couldnt stand up using back legs other wise seemed fine, first thought
    was an injury (hit by car) but was not in pain, then looked for snake bite, no signs, couldnt think of what was wrong he could use his back leg to scratch his ear and seemed happy a neighbor said worms went to feed store and got liquid wormer for dogs gave it to him that evening, the next morning he was running around as usual.

  2. It could also be Lyme's disease. All three of my dogs have had the same symptoms, and tested positive for Lyme's. They lay around and can't walk for a few days. I have to practically feed them by hand. After giving them aspirin and penicillon for a few days, they're up and around again. If it happens again, I would get him tested. Lyme's can so serious damage.

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    May 13, 2003
    We just had our golden retriever show up with the same symptoms. $500 and a lot of heartbreak later, we were told he had inoperable cancer. The vet estimated that he had about a month, month and a half to live and gave us steriods to help the poor guy. Just a few days later, Blue passed away. He was 8. The vet said that was young for this kind of cancer.
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    Tick disease was my first thought. There's also a kind of paralysis called something like coon hound paralysis -- ???. And depending on the breed he is, he may have some stuff going on with his back. The back stuff can be, and often is, as serious as tick disease --- untreated, it can lead to permanent paralysis --- usual treatment includes complete rest, meaning the pup has to be confined to a crate or other small area, and not allowed to jump around and run.

    Be careful. I'm glad your pup is looking better but if any of these signs show up again, 'd get him into a vet ASAP.