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Does your homestead look pretty?

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Is your homestead "picture perfect?" Are you okay with it not looking like it belongs in a magazine?
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Our cabin and farm are always well maintained and look nice, but in the spring there is going to be mud.

ETA: And now that the snow is melting there is a lot of dog poop... :)
We are just getting started. Things stacked and trying to do things on our own. Having fun...but not picture perfect!
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Our homestead is messy.

I am self-conscious of it at times.

When I complete each new project, I want to share what I have done. But it takes effort to get a good photo.
I know, right. I have about a dozen projects in the works at the same time. I don't think I will ever completely be done. Is that the way homesteading is?
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That depends entirely on the homesteader. I've known some that take on projects one at a time and never begin the next until the last one is finished. Others, such as myself, always seemed to have a dozen things going at once.
To each his/her own, I guess. I like the freedom to do new things and we live at the back of a dead end road on our own private road, so not as many judging looky-loo's. Thanks for the comment!
Mine is "OK". I am not ashamed to have people over to visit, but it will never grace the pages of "House Beautiful". There are some areas I would like to be tidier, but I do what I can and call it good.
I think we set up unrealistic expectations for ourselves. We work on our homesteads, right? Thanks for the comment!
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I'd say tidy rather than pretty. Our house inside is tidy but not beautiful. When my shoes match, I figure I'm tidy but I'll never win a beauty contest. That said, having spent the first 50 years of my life in the city - every single time I go out the back door of the barn, look out over our pasture and see the goats, chickens and cats frolicking - I figure I'm in heaven.
Perspective is nice to have. It is heaven for us, right? Thanks for the comment!
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It’s the old saying “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”....We worked very hard to keep our place looking nice but there were times when the grass needed cutting but we also had cattle to work. In the spring there was mud no matter what we tried. Still, it was out little piece of heaven...
Ours is muddy without any cows and the parts where there is no livestock...except kids. Thanks for the comment!
Not sure what passersby think ( or will think) but I think my homestead is beautiful. Right now it's more of a yard
Mine is beautiful to me...just not the standard definition of beauty.
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I live down here with a rat terrier and the chupacabra. Anybody comes down and complains, I tell them to leave and don't come back.
I did have one visitor this year. Good guy, sold me a Savage Stephens 12 gauge, 36" barrel. Bad looking crack in the stock, but it's solid, And broke trigger guard. I fixed both with stuff I had around. I paid the guy $25 for the gun.

He didn't say anything about how it looks. I guess to him, it looked like $25.
I think some of us worry about it a bit too much. My dad says if people don't like it, they can look the other way! Thanks for the comment!
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