Doe with diarrhea!

Discussion in 'Goats' started by KimF, Oct 13, 2005.

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    Jun 30, 2005
    Hello all, just got my login thing figured out and just in time. Could use some advice. My 4yo Oberhasli doe had lots of diarrhea this am when we went out to milk. She had gotten into a grain bag last night (we were unloading the van) after milking but just for a minute before we caught her and put her in her stall. Didnt look like she got much. She does seem to match the symptoms we read online for overfeeding of grain though:
    no fever
    green poop
    still eating and burping

    I figured we would watch and see. Just checked her again and she has reeaallly watery poop. Still green. She followed me around the goat yard and looks ok but I am getting worried. She is my first doe (just have her and the kid) and I don't have enough experience with health problems to discern if/when we cross the line to a serious problem. Seems this could be anything from overeating to a near death experience depending upon which site you read. : p

    Am heading to a friends to pick up Gatorade and probiotics mentioned on the net. Any other suggestions/advice?

    Many thanks, Kim in CO
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    I use Peptobismol. The goats actually like the taste (YUCK!) If it's not too serious a problem, that should take care of it.


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    Oct 2, 2004
    Give her no grain at all for a day or 2, just hay and water and give her some probios a couple times a day. IF this is all the problem is she should get over it pretty quickly. Make sure she is drinking plenty of water and stays hydrated. Do you have some baking soda free choice out for her to get to?