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doe temperment/pregnancy

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Can does get more mean in pregnancy? I know humanoids who are pregnancy can get pretty cranky in pregnancy and I have had rabbits who would get fiesty only when pregnant too. Can does have the same issues? I have noticed my mini alpine doe is getting increasingly.. well.. shes really becoming quite a jerk to the other goats. She is ramming them a lot and shes a real bully at feeding time. It is increasing over time and I am wondering if this is related to her being pregnant? Shes about 3 months in. She is due the first week of February so she has some time yet. I am to the point I want to seperate her because i'd feel awful if she caused another doe to abort.

Is this just "her" or is this from pregnancy? I bred her soon after getting her so I do not know what her typical temperment is except that she wasn't like this when I first got her that I noticed and it does seem to be getting worse. Maybe magnifying it? If its just her, then I am not going to rebreed her again because its not a quality I like. If shes just this way in pregnancy then I can make adjustments. Which is it?
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Goats and humans go through a similar set of hormonal and physical alterations during pregnancy. For example, the hormone relaxin that relaxes pelvic ligaments (and womens' foot arches!) can make a doe look posty-legged and waddle during later pregancy.

Does can get very aggressive in advancing their social standing when they are pregnant. A higher ranking doe will get first turn at the hay rack and intimidate other does away from grain, enabling her to be better fed and make more milk for her kids. Herd queens also make sure that their babies get first turn at feed when they are old enough.

Doelings will start serious fighting when they start coming into heat. They really feel a need to sort out ranks at this time. You'll never see serious fighting with young kids, only in reproductive age animals.

Higher ranking animals in a herd/flock also have fewer stress hormones, which gives them stronger immune systems.

My herd queen is a rammer and an ear biter. I put a bell on her so the rest of the herd has warning. Top ranking does tend to be the best producers, so your crabby Mini-Alpine may soften you with all her milk!
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I have a doe that when she is bred she is a stinker...after she kids she is a sweetheart. I think like people some do better than others. I can tell when this doe settles as this is the way she has always acted. Her mother is wonderful when she is bred so dont quite know where this comes from. I do have some that can get a little cranky but its all over after kidding. Well with some it is...
Mine was the opposite...she was a sweetheart while preggos and then started showing a mean streak after the kids were born :) She is mean to my hubby and 2 of the 3 dogs...she is best buds with the other dog (go figure)
Well I much appreciate the answers. I will just keep my mind thinking of all that milk she will produce after she kids then LOL.. I am thinking I am going to focus on Mini's so I really do need her. I think I should get her a bell too LOL
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