Do you request homesteading items as b-day, Christmas gifts?

Discussion in 'Homesteading Questions' started by magnolia2017, Sep 16, 2006.

  1. magnolia2017

    magnolia2017 Well-Known Member

    Dec 5, 2005
    I was just wondering how many of you request homesteading and/or survival items as gifts.

    We keep telling our families not to buy us anything for birthdays or Christmas but they still insist. So, instead of ending up with a bunch of stuff we'll never use, when asked we're planning to request a dutch oven and a camping lantern.

    Does anyone else do this or have family members that do this?

  2. doohap

    doohap Another American Patriot

    Feb 22, 2003
    Far northeast Texas
    I think one is allowed to wish for anything! Dream big, but be thankful for whatever comes your way. :)

  3. CountryMamaof5

    CountryMamaof5 Well-Known Member

    Aug 30, 2006
    We havne't in the past but we will be this year. My inlaws always ask what the kids need or want as well as DH and I. I always say I dont know. We dont really need anything. Clothes are set and they dont need more toys. Well this year when the questions come around i am going to ask for homesteading related items. I am not exactly sure what I will ask for though. The boys' birthdays are coming up in October. They are turning 3 and 4. What could I get them homesteading related? For the girls in May I am going to ask for a gift certificate to a hatchery LOL. I would love to get them some kind of tool for working in the yard as they get older and they can do work. I just am not sure what to ask for this year.
  4. littlebitfarm

    littlebitfarm Scotties rule! Supporter

    Mar 21, 2005
    ABSOLUTELY!!! Otherwise I'd get something like dress clothes, that would never be worn. One year I gave my parents plans for a goat milking stand and said that's what I want. I got it and it's great!

  5. Puddin

    Puddin Well-Known Member

    Mar 30, 2003
    I've done the same thing as Kathie....Gave Dad plans for bluebird houses that I wanted to try....asked for two of them for Christmas. And, wall sconses (sorry, I know that's spelt wrong).
  6. Mid Tn Mama

    Mid Tn Mama Well-Known Member Supporter

    May 11, 2002
    For the boys christmas present ideas: How about fishing poles, tackle boxes?
    What about come chicks to raise? You can get gift certificates from murray mcmurrays for equipment.

    If I were making a list for family:
    Canning equipment
    gardening tools (carts, rubberized gloves, seed catalog certificates)
    Books on Growing food and raising animals.
    Carhart clothes for winter
    Rubber boots
    Solar lanterns
  7. Lynne

    Lynne Well-Known Member

    May 10, 2002
    Ask for something specific – not really. But, the gifts I enjoy the most are horse and farm related. Feed buckets, lead lines, leaf blower, how to books and such.
  8. Charleen

    Charleen Supporter

    May 12, 2002
    Western NY
    I really don't like people to feel obligated to buy gifts for us. But if they insist, I'll circle something in the Lehman's (or similar) catalog and give it to them. Yes, sometimes they get the hint but there are other times that family members buy something for us that is COMPLETELY opposite of our lifestyle. It's sad, really, that they can't see the obvious.

    So, do you re-gift? Donate to Goodwill or freecycle? Let it sit there and collect dust for a while?
  9. Queen Bee

    Queen Bee Well-Known Member Supporter

    Apr 6, 2004
    All the time ---Dh's uncles thought he had lost it when dh purchased me blueberry bushes and muscadine vines for our annv. one yr.It's what I had asked for. The kids gave me a truck load of bark one yr.. and I got clippers/pruners for a b'day... It what you want.. so ask.. IF they aren't in to your 'game' maybe you could ask for a gift cert. to a camping store/ hardware/nursery..etc.. QB
  10. wvpeach1963

    wvpeach1963 WVPEACH (Paula)

    Feb 8, 2006
    west virginia
    Thats the way to do it. I got a cast iron tea kettle to complet my cast iron set for my birthday this year.

    Last year I bought about seven of those Eton hand cranked radio's for family.

    Told every one of them I'd like one myself for chritmas this year. HINT hint

    I got lots of pretties including a diamond tennis braclet my son bought me for chritsmas last year. Pretty thing, I'm afraid to wear them because I might break them.

    Rather have had the hand cranked radio. Books are always good too.

    Kids got me Carla Emery's Encyclopedia of country living one year for christmas.

    I have a hard time getting my friends to give it back after they borrow that present.
  11. Muskrat

    Muskrat Well-Known Member

    Sep 3, 2005
    As someone said, Absolutely.

    We operate on the same wavelength as writing a letter to Santa Claus.

    Early on, my family learned I do not like surprises. I don't like surprise birthday parties, I don't like surprise visits, I don't like surprise gifts, I don't like surprises period. My mother started the custom that I would write down everything IN DETAIL I wanted for my birthday or Christmas but that I should make it a range of items to suit varying financial and logistical limitations and not to expect everything. It worked so well, we expanded it to the whole family over the years.

    My last birthday I received an all-day, uninterrupted, unaccompanied trip to BassPro and Knifeworks to look and talk to my heart's content with no business calls, no chores, no leaving because someone was bored. I used my gift card (another gift from the list) to buy a package of fish hooks and a firestriker (on clearance). I checked out multitudes of hunting bows to put one on my Christmas list. I measured and investigated their outdoor kitchens because I want to build a new one. I had coffee with the guy that runs the gun department. It was a wonderful day.

    Over the years, as homesteading/survival items from the list, my nephews painted the cattle trailer (and each other), my siblings have brought heritage varieties of fruit trees from around the country, my sisters-in-laws made saddle blankets for my colored sheep, and my brothers collected telephone wire spools for the goats' toys. For our twentieth anniversary, our friends and family bought us a ram and three ewes. It works very well and makes everyone, especially me, :dance: happy.
  12. sisterpine

    sisterpine Goshen Farm Supporter

    May 9, 2004
    Zone 8a, AZ
    We really dont do much in the way of bdays or holidays anymore. Having no rich or close by family members makes it a drag. I used to make things for my siblings and their kids but got a strong, very strong feeling they wanted expensive store brought stuff so i hung it up. I do still make my elderly mom something each year (she lives with my better than thee sister this decade) but she likes the stuff i send. The gift list for me always is tools and supplies for my homesteading self. DH likes fishing stuff and tools as well I also love books and yarn crafts so we can stay busy during the long winters.
  13. SquashNut

    SquashNut Well-Known Member

    Sep 25, 2005
    We have bought for each other pitch forks, wheel barrows, emergency raidio, $100 in bulk dry goods, fishing poles and equipment, rifles, gardening seeds.
    Now those pks of socks will be most appreciated as an addition to your BOB.
    We started years ago buying something for the house instead of seperate gifts and just this last year buying for our pantry/emergency stash. I almost always get $100 for my birthday and I spend it on dry goods.
  14. CountryMamaof5

    CountryMamaof5 Well-Known Member

    Aug 30, 2006
    Now as im thinking about it. I think im going to ask them to chip in for two mattresses to replace on the bunkbed. It will be far useful than anything else. I think i should start gettin to work on a christmas list lol.

    I am thinking a tent for the kids,some flashlights just for them. Maybe some craft type stuff for the girls so we can build crafts and try and sell them next year. Sure beats more clothes
  15. arctichomestead

    arctichomestead Well-Known Member

    Nov 29, 2005
    KP, Alaska
    Whoa, muskrat! I am the same way! My DMIL knows this and so consistently used to show up unannounced on purpose. After I made it clear her visit would be more welcome if she would just call first, she does...... she pulls into the driveway, parks and calls us on her cell phone to let us know she is coming to visit! Sigh... :help:
  16. Fire-Man

    Fire-Man Well-Known Member Supporter

    Apr 29, 2005
    South Carolina
    Sure Do!!!! Things I have gotten------Batteries for the solar set-up, jerky gun, dehydrater, hoe, limb pruner, non-electric coffee maker(sits over gas burner)Love it, Candles, small gas heater, a subscription to Backwoods Home and Countryside, pecan, apple, peach tree's---more and more------- then alot of hunting items. Sure I tell them exactly what I want-----------But only when they ask!! Randy
  17. Ravenlost

    Ravenlost Well-Known Member Supporter

    Jul 20, 2004
    Yes, we ask for "farming" stuff and we get it...overalls, aprons (my mom made me some last year), tools, etc. I always ask hubby for something I need. Two years ago it was a cordless screwdriver and attachment set, last year it was a table saw. This year I guess I'll ask for the Sawzall I want so bad since he didn't get it for me on my birthday.
  18. BamaNana

    BamaNana Well-Known Member Supporter

    Dec 30, 2004
    Central Alabama

    Just yesterday my SIL called and asked what I wanted for my birthday.
    I told her "wood".
    She said, WOOD???
    I said YEP, wood! Old wood, new wood, plywood, 2x4's 2x6's, doesn't matter... I want wood!! I want to build a shelter for my donkeys before winter and I need wood!! She giggled and said she'd pass the info on to the rest of the family.

    Hopefully by next weekend I'll have a big pile of wood :happy:
  19. prairiecomforts

    prairiecomforts Well-Known Member

    May 28, 2006
    somewhere out there
    My mom and dad are pretty good about just giving useful items without me having to give them hints. Last year for Christmas they gave me a big plastic "calf" sled - my dad had been here about two weeks before and he thought I could use one to move sq. bales in for the sheep. Every year from "santa" the kids and I have always gotten warm socks, new mittens/gloves and a stocking hat. (Funny "santa" doesn't usually come until grandma and grandpa get here!) For my birthday this year, my dad and brother came up and helped me all day in the barn getting things straightened out as my gift!! Funny how things like that mean more than another new sweater!

  20. RedHairedBonnie

    RedHairedBonnie Well-Known Member

    Mar 1, 2006
    I was always taught it was rude to ask for anything. However as I got older I found that I really wanted to give useful gifts, so the people that I don't see often, or live on the other coast line, or have everything they need, I usually get food and make baskets. This was what my husband grandparents did for his grand kids, some times he would hide money under lids and such. I know it was very useful for us, so I started doing the same thing. As far as gifts for me/us, our family and friends they are very in tune to us, and we get very practical items, except from my mother in law, sometimes we have to wonder what was going through her mind when she purchased this, or if she's was in her right mind. Those leave my house, sometimes re gifted, if I know some one would want it, most times just given away.