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do you laugh at your youth??

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like when you see old pics of yourself? I bring this up cause my SIL has the funniest pics of us. I had waist-length (thick) hair that I braided in little braids while wet....Joplin had nothing on me. no bangs..that I then tied a leather string around my forehead. oh yeah flared jeans, fringed leather. it's extremely hilarious! LOL with the body of Twiggy. hubby...well when my mom begged him to cut his hair for our wedding...there he was in his new 'do', layers and still to his shoulders. if I can get a couple of these pics to scan one day, you will laugh so hard!! so...what about you? were you a child of the 80's with 'big hair'?? did some of you men sport that Don Johnson look? I love old pics. some of mine........well....makes me a little more happy that I'm older!
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No, my children do it for us. They just love Dh's and mine Senior prom pic. We have matching hair. Our hair was about the same color then, I don't know why mine is so much darker now, and we got matching perms. They find this hilarious. Dh and I got married four months after our senior prom, 1980.
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