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Do you have too many animals?

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I asked myself that question today after attending my township's rabies shot clinic.

It took me three trips to haul in all the critters who needed their shots. (Mind you, that wasn't all my critters, just the ones who happened to be due for shots this spring.)

Each time I went back, there was a line, so they seemed to be doing a brisk business ... but on my last trip, when I asked the lady handling the paperwork how many animals they had vaccinated, I realized that mine made up more than 10 percent of the total.

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Was this just pets, or did it include livestock?

I have, at the moment, eight goats (six babies, two milking does); five rabbits (don't need shots); 31 chickens (don't need shots); and we have three cats (all up to date on shots) and four bottle-baby kittens who will hopefully be going to the Humane Society in a couple more weeks before they need shots. Four of the goat kids are either for sale or are destined for the freezer, so really that's only four goats that I'd be getting shots for, if we needed rabies shots for them here. Eight of the chickens are either for sale or destined for the freezer, too, and possibly three or four more as well.

So, no, I don't think that we have too many animals.

Just pets. Thank goddess the livestock shots I can do myself!

OK, you have more critters than me, so I feel better now. The 31 chickens definitely helped with the tally. LOL :p
You can get many pet shots at TSC. In IL we can't give rabies shots for pets or livestock. Only vets can. I've seen pet shots at most farm stores. Farm and Fleet (in our area) has pet shots but doesn't have livestock shots.
Yes. I have too many. Two dogs that aren't my choice, but I'm keeping for family members.

12 goats. Three or four does too many.

Anybody want a ten year old LaMancha doe, a yearling Mini-Alpine, and a Mini-Mancha buckling?
We have 2 cats. Had cats for over 20 years and won't be getting any more.
Just 2 dogs, 4 sheep, 13 rabbits, 13 chickens, 3 pet snakes, 1 cage of rats and 1 of mice for the snake food, and thats it.....on 3 acres.

Only the 2 dogs and 3 snakes are in the house.
The rest of the animals are outside, in the chicken yard and in the rabbitry, and in pens.

Oh we have cats that come and go that are just outside roaming cats that came from who knows where. 3 we let in the house.
I almost forgot about the cats because we never got them. They have just always been around here.

What we have is to many vehicles!!! 5 broken down junkers litter the landscape. Grrr
DH has got to get rid of them!
We have 3 vehicles that run. No need for the junk ones.
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Well I've got 2 indoor dogs, poms. 2 outdoor dogs, labs. 3 cats, you know cats they pretty much go where they wants to. The dogs are good watch dogs, the Labs are really territorial of our fenced in yard. The poms barks at any sound they hear outside, so they let you know if anything is going on out there. The cats are good mousers. Yes vet visits do add up and we use Frontline to keep the fleas under control, that's quite an expense right there.

Oh and I'm in the process of building a chicken coop now, so will be adding to the number :shocked:

23 rabbits (one due to deliver any day now)
7 dogs
4 fish
3 cats

I really want to get a pear tree and a partridge, so that I can add that to the bottom of my list when I get asked this question.

If you can afford to feed/supply/vet your animals and have enough time and energy to do so, then you don't have too many!
The only time I feel like I have too many pets is after a long day at work when I have to give them all food and fresh water!

3 dogs
2 cats
4 goats
5 hens
25 chicks
barrel of goldfish
1 pig
4 dogs, 8 or 9 cats, 7 turkeys, 20 something chickens, 7 goats and I don't even have a clue as to how many rabbits.
Well back 20 years ago my ex and i had bought 5 acre's and our Momma dog got pregnant as soon as we moved into our new place, she had 11 puppies in the Spring,10 in the fall, (we got her fixed after that) also that Spring my other momma dog had 6,by the time we moved a couple of years later, we had 41 dogs and 4 cats. The local grocery store kept all there scrap's for me, we gave all the shot's except the rabies. It was so much fun having them all.
3 dogs, 8 cats, 9 chickens, 3 goats, 2 horses and 1 hubby. Nope...I don't think that is too many the variety is a lot of work. I love them all :)
Please define; TOO MANY ANIMALS
WE have 3 dogs,
2 indoor cats, unknown how many barn cats
2 rabbits,
a dozen chickens,
a dozen ducks, 4 donkeys,
1 mineature horse, mare,
14 horses,
5 steers.
Not sure how many more of what variety my kids add constantly...
Those are on my farm in TN.
In AZ;
3 large guard dogs,
6 or so barn cats...
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Just sold a couple of does with their kids so my numbers are down at the moment. :) I have another doe due to kid in June and then three more this fall.

Currently we have:
12 goats
10 chickens
2 cats
1 dog - that is being neutered this coming week and will get his rabies shot then.
I only have one dog and two rabbits at the moment. It's about as much as I can handle given my circumstances right now, but this is just about the fewest animals I've ever had in my life and sometimes it feels really weird. I feel somewhat incomplete, and will be adding a whole menagerie as soon as I have a more stable set-up.

Tell you what though, the cats and dogs are the "worse" in a few ways. So many more expenses when it comes to shots and vet care than the other animals I've owned, and so little return on the investment in a practical sense! Maybe it's a blessing that I've been limited to one dog! At least she's a good one.
4 dogs
2 cats
2 kittens (bottle feed)
4 goats
2 lambs (bottle feed)
150+ chickens
5 geese
1 gosling more on the way
3 rabbits
1 donkey
3 horses
2 pigs
fixing to get 3 moma sheep with their new babies!!
we give all shots and meds. before dawn til after sunset is my day!
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Way too many animals here
1 dog
5 cats
1 steer
1 hiefer
35 laying hens
1 ram
17 ewes
22 lambs
?? mice
10,000 honey bees
Our total numbers are down ... horses/ponies because I've been working at reducing the numbers, old age has been slowly reducing the outside dog numbers (and I'm dreading the time when I'm faced with that with the two house dogs), the last house cat has been gone for several years and hasn't been replaced, the two barn cats are neutered/spayed so no natural increase there. No milk cow or milk goat as I'm the only milker available and I'm not wanting to add another "have to twice a day chore" ...

The rabbits are the only thing where the numbers seem to be creeping up on me, but most of the current increase are destined for the freezer ... and I've still got empty cages. Even so, this is the lowest number of animals, livestock plus pets, that I've had for 30 years probably.
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