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Yessir, and last week one of my former students was removed from a bar fight in a VERY small town bar and taken home by friends. He returned minutes later and was shot. :eek: He's recovering, but just shake your head.

However.....some of the indigenous folks aren't right bright, either. When we first moved here, a local farmer leased our land to plant milo and corn. We asked him not to use anyhdrous amonia as fertilizer because it kills the soil bacteria. Expecting him to understand that the bacteria were required to break down previous crop litter was apparently an excessively high expectation. To quote him, "Well, you probably don't want those darn things in there anyway!!" :no:

A statistics class in college convinced me that the idea that our society is evolving to a higher level is completely without merit. You are going to have a bell curve no matter what the group is. The bottom of the bell curve exists and is inexcapable. Just a darn shame that we let them reproduce. :haha:
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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