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Ok, we are the newbies so I’m not sure how long some of the others on our road have lived there. Last night we got our first real snow of the year, 4-6 inches on the road (if you want to call it a real snow). I broke trail out my drive and for about 6 tenths of a mile up our dirt road, about the last 300 feet to the pavement some else had been on. I had not been on the pavement for more than a half mile when I got to an area where the road goes over a small ridge through a couple of switch backs. Well sure enough, I come around the first corner to see a car in the middle of the road facing me headlights on, parked. I could barely see the guy with a small flashlight next to the truck, trying to get me to stop, because of the glare. Beyond him were three other cars, two of which were in the ditch and the third the guy was guiding back down the hill so the woman could turn around and go home. I waited for her to get out of the way then drove right by them all in my Subaru, one guy even had chains on and was still sideways in the road. Later I talked with my DW she said when she went out there was a 4Runner in the ditch going down the other side of the same ridge.

And I know what you mean about drivers from the south. I was a Fort Stewart, GA for three years and it snowed one year. The people had a habit of cruising up to stop signs and slamming on the breaks, well in the snow just pick an intersection pull up a chair and watch. They fly up slam on the breaks and slide right on through not even slowing down. Funny to watch, scary when you had to drive in that mess.
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