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Do you eat bread?

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I never have been a bread eater. We eat bread only with a few things. Smothered shrimp, spaghetti and alfredo are just about it. I can eat garlic bread, but besides that and toast(with nutella only, can't do just butter), I don't like it.

I guess I don't like the taste. In every instance I eat it I cover it with sauce, garlic or chocolate.

My mom used to make me eat either bread or pasta before I went out, something about an easier hangover). I still eat pasta if I think I'll be drinking.

I ask as I have a good friend who I end up eating with just about nightly(that whole lazy college student thing, one person cooks, two eat), and he insists that there is bread(sliced white is fine by him, just bread).

Anyone else just not like bread?
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Store bought... NO WAY. Homemade... oh yeah, daily. We tend to go through one loaf type or another daily. Plan on building a bread oven.

Our son hates bread. Seeing the variety we eat here, I still can't understand how he can hate it.
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