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Do you belong to a food coop or buying club?

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Since the food coop that serviced this area (Ozark Coop Warehouse) in Fayetteville Arkansas, is sadly out of business despite it's efforts to remain open, there is no place to buy good food at less-than-health-food-store prices.

I am wondering if anyone here belongs to a food buying group or coop and can give me some ideas what options, if any, are available to me.

I wouldn't mind starting a buying club, if I knew how to do it and knew of a supplier that would deliver to this area SWMO.

Any ideas guys?

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Bread becker's is a bread baking sort of coop. Boy do I miss Ozark. Wonder what went wrong.

The group buying club sounds great but like too much trouble for most folks- sort of what I do for myself- but if I offered, say, freecyclers to save postage ordering with me noone would want the trouble for a few dollars discount from ordering for themselves.
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