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DL renewal , without Physical addy ? <Patriot Act?>

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................My commercial license will renew in Dec of '09 , my addy is listed as my PO Box , which I've had for 30 years . Since I sold my physical addy in dec of '06 I really don't any a Physical Addy I can give to the license people without fibing . I've got 13 months to figure something out so was wondering others have done to solve this scenerio ? , thanks , fordy
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When I was driving trucks, I used my mother's address for all things requiring a physical address. I never used my home address as I was gone all of the time and didn't want mail sitting at an empty house for long periods of time.
how about the street address for the post office?
Fordy, go to and check into their deal. I haven't been to their site lately but you could join for less than 100. a year and you use their address as your physical address. LOTS of full time RVers use them. That's how they can get their DL. Lots of people who belong to them have no physical address. They are in Livingston Texas. They will also send you your mail.
One thing to think about is (now I'm not sure if this is true, feel free to correct me, but you never know) that in case of martial law or disaster or something, your street addy on your licence is where the law will direct you to go--that's why they don't want po boxes(among other reasons)
You'll also need a current health card to keep your CDL. Also look for possible additional rule changes as the administration changes. They've been sitting on some stuff that they most likely will finalize in the last days.
I am working with DMV on the Real ID act...your going to need a real street P.O. Boxes. We are asking for the utility bill to prove you are a resident of the won't have one of those either. Maybe your employer will be able to put a street address of some kind on your pay check?

I know the people who will know the answer to this question. I will ask them next week.
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