Distemper outbreaks

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    May 10, 2002
    Deep in the heart of Texas

    History's biggest killer of dogs, canine distemper, appears to be breaking out again, alarming experts who thought vaccinations had vanquished it in the United States.

    In the last year, epidemics of the incurable disease have been reported in Los Angeles, Phoenix, Atlanta, Dallas, Miami and Washington state.

    Not only is distemper devastating to dogs--commonly resulting in vomiting, seizures, paralysis and death--but the highly contagious infection also can spread to wildlife with shattering impact.

    Its presence also might be a harbinger of other outbreaks, because owners who don't vaccinate their dogs against distemper are unlikely to protect them against other diseases--including rabies, which can spread to people.
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    Jan 6, 2003
    That's bad. Distemper is a really awful disease for a dog (or any animal) to contract. The symptoms are absolutely miserable, and, as the article points out, distemper is highly contagious. But some people won't vaccinate, even when it's as simple as going to your local Farm & Fleet, Fleet Farm, or TSC to pick up a $3 vaccine and inject it into their dogs. ARGH!

    Around here, there was a brief outbreak of leptospirosis. Docs had stopped vaccinating against it (I guess they thought it was gone, but rats and other animals still carry it), but they started up again when they got the county morbidity/mortality reports. My own dog's sire died from lepto -- very sad indeed!

    And now I am put in mind of my tech days, when the occasional clients would insist that their dogs did not require a distemper shot: "No, I don't think so. His temperament is just fine... " DOUBLE ARGH!!


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    Jan 29, 2003
    Some one dumped a cute little blue tick hound at our gate. It was just a pup. We decided to clean it upand try and find it a home
    Dirty and covered with fleas and ticks. We got it settled in the barn and came to the house for supper. We heard a terrible commotion on the front porch. The pup was having convulsions. Called the vet who advised shooting it as it was in the last stages of distemper. He also said to disinfect every where the pup had been, Impossible to do on a dirt barn floor.We had to get shots for our three shelties as a precaution.
    That was the cutest little pup and DH and I had tears as we put the little guy down.
    All this over a $3.00 shot.
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    Feb 24, 2003
    Had it bad in Racoons and Squirrels around the house here.

    big rockpile
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    May 9, 2002
    :) Sorry, but I don't know of ANYONE in the medical profession who thought distemper had gone anywhere! As noted, it's alive and well, not only in dogs who are not vaccinated but in wildlife as well. Don't know who these so-called "experts" are! It's still, and has been, recommended as part of the multiple vaccine protocol for pups.

    I think some goofy newsperson had a slow day and brought this in to fill space..just like they do with the "plague" stuff when times are slow. :no: