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I can't stand dishwashers. What a waste of money. Rinse the dishes, put the dishes in the dishwasher, wait until the dishwasher is filled, wash dishes, use various chemicals to keep lime from forming on dishes because of the way dishwasher dries dishes, dishwasher breaks, okay it works again, back to looking for your favorite glass only to find it sitting in the dishwasher waiting for the dishwasher to be full.....

Tide pod challenge.

What's to love? Really. Someone help me understand.
We use the dishwasher for the sterilizing cycle; it helps keep us from passing around colds/flu/etc. Pots and pans get washed by hand, but anything that touches mouths or raw meat goes into the dish washer--glasses, fork/spoons/knives, plates, bowls, etc. That alone makes it worth using to me.

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