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Jena, as a business owner do you pay for disability through payments to your State? I know that most people employed for other people would be something to check out. Most States have short term disbility benefits, at least to people that get a paycheck from someone else.

If the disability goes on for over 5 month you can apply for Social Security Disability Benefits, NOT Supplemental Security Income-this is for very low income disabled people. The Social Security Administration pushes you to apply for it because you have to be practically destitute to get the benefits and most people are denied and give up thinking that have exhausted that avenue. I worked in insurance in Long Term Disability before I become an equine chef and waitress, but I know a bit about Short Term Disability and quite a bit about NYS Worker's Compensation. And I don't mind, at all, putting the screws to any insurance company.

Also, did you buy disability insurance to cover any of your loans? Sometimes it just gets tacked on...

It's just something to look into to be sure you have covered all you bases.

Stacy in NY
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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