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I don't really have one, but I can tell you what I did tonight..
The base for it and my baked mac and cheese, my corn pudding etc.. is always pretty much the same.. milk, butter, eggs.
Tonight I used a single box of frozen spinach (I know, I know, but my spinach isn't big enough to harvest yet..neither is my chard)
1 box of spinach
1 double yolker egg and one regular
a couple of TBS butter
2 big spoonfuls of sourcream
A good handful of mozzarella and one of cheddar
salt and pepper to taste I mixed all of this together (and I cheat and always just mix it in the casserole dish) and added milk enough to make it "loose".
Topped with a sprinkly handful of cheese and some breadcrumbs.
DH was starving so I cheated and threw it in the microwave for 4 minutes first and then let it finish in the oven. If I had not done that I would have baked it covered at 350 until the center was firm and then lid off until the breadcrumbs were crispy, crunchy good.
This "recipe" changes depending on what I have. If I had ricotta that would have been in there. But it works well for any veggie.. brocoli is really good this way too.

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We'll have to try the spinach casserole idea. We like brocolli casserole - the spinach sounds right up our alley too.

We had
grilled Ribeyes (med rare)
grilled onion, peppers and mushrooms
baked red potatoes (stored from the garden) and loaded with butter, sr cream, brocolli and cheese
fresh cucumber and tomatoes (last from the garden, tomatoes ripening in root cellar)
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