Different breeds?

Discussion in 'Sheep' started by Caelma, Apr 16, 2005.

  1. Caelma

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    Mar 7, 2005
    I have a friend who has sheep. I am beginning to
    enjoy them and also plan on learning how to spin.
    Can you folks tell me your favorite breeds and what
    you like about them.
    Their plus's and pitfalls.
    What is this scrapie and OPP
    Anyone have or familar with Bluefaced Leicesters?

    Any insight and advice for a future first time owner?
  2. YuccaFlatsRanch

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    May 3, 2004
    Hill Country, Texas
    We have California Reds and some Rambouillet.

    Wool for spinning is all judged against the wool from either a Merino or a Ramboullet which is basically a Merino sheep too. Merinos/Ramboullets have the finest diameter wool of any sheep. Cal Reds are judged to be about 3/8ths blood Ramboullet. A link for California Red sheep is below.


  3. bergere

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    May 11, 2002
    Now in Virginia
    For information on OOP..


    Information on Scrapie


    Everyone has their favorite sheep, what I might like, you might not. So the best thing to do, is check out the internet, and then go meet the sheep you are interested a few times in your area, to see if they are something you are still interested in.
    Somethings to also think about...
    Do you want a small sheep, Medium or Larger?
    Do you like Sheep with gentle temperaments or it doesn't matter?
    Do you want Hardy and easy to care for or you don't mind more labor intensvie?
    Do you want to spin, spin and have meat, or only want meat sheep?
    Horns or no horns??

    Here are good places to start looking at sheep.

    BTW.. I love spinning BLue Faced Liecester fleece!
  4. Caelma

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    Mar 7, 2005
    YuccaFlats thank you for your reply.

    Bergere thank you also and to answer your question,
    First I am aware it is personal prefer.
    I started this thread to get some insight.
    What folks have. what they had, what they see as the strong
    and weak points in what
    they have now and had in the past.
    I am also going to read all I can in books and website.
    I sure appreciate the sites you refered me to.

    1)Med or large
    2) gentle temperments
    3)Can be either hardy or labor intensive. I'm up for either
    4)Spin and have meat (even if I will need 2 seperate breeds)
    5) Have not decided horns or no horns.

    I have always disbudded goats, but have not
    decided on sheep.

    Oh and prefer long to short fleece (I think)
    I'm going to start reading this section of the site and research.
    Reading is great but learning from others is quite valuable in my opinion.
    So please, anyone willing to tell me about their chosen breed (s)
    I would appreciiate it/
    Much Thanks
  5. bergere

    bergere Just living Life

    May 11, 2002
    Now in Virginia
    I have enjoyed Border Leicesters in the past. They have nice long wool. The one I had was very gentle easy to deal with, seemed to be hardy.

    Have not dealt with Blue Faced Leicesters in person, but I can tell you, the fleece is super soft and wonderful to handspin. Am spinning some up right now.

    Know of a couple of breeders with Wensleydales, and they like them a lot.
    There there is the, also, very rare, Leicester Longwool, was told by a breeder over on the east coast, that they were big, but very easy to handle.