Did I do good or did I do good?

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  1. A neighbor up the road sold me all of his rabbits plus all of his hutches for 100 buckaroo's. A total of 7 rabbits (5 does and 2 bucks) plus four 8' long hutches, each with two sections. Plus one 4' long hutch (one section). Plus a half a 50 lb. bag of feed. Most of the does are New Zealand and the rest are mixtures with New Zealand.

    The neighbor had gotten most of these rabbits a year ago last Easter as bunnies for his grandkids. Well after they tired of them he ended up with all of them back and had decided to raise meat rabbits for hisself. But, his wife doesn't like to eat them and wouldn't cook them often enough to justify the expense of owning them. So he saw that I was raising a few myself so he made me a offer for everything he had. At first he wanted $150 the huts and $8. each for the rabbits. I told him I just don't have the money to spend. A few weeks later he said "I'll sell everything to you for $125." I told him well let me drop by your house sometime and I'll take a look at them. I wasn't in a very big hurry as we are spending every extra buck we have on christmas. Well, I hadn't gotten around yet to check out his hutches and rabbits and then a couple days ago he said "I'll give you everything for $100". I said I'll take them if you can wait till sometime in January before I pay for them.

    This morning we loaded them all up and brought them down to my house. The hutches are well worth more then the $100 and the rabbits are very well cared for. Maybe just a little on the fat side. My kids are already out there fighting over who gets what rabbit and what there names will be.
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    That is an AWESOME deal!!! They should be good meat bunnies, what are the hutches like? Wooden, wire or what are they made of?

    Ps. You DID tell the kids what they're for... right?

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    Sounds like you got a great deal :clap:

    just put them on a good diet and give a few days to settle down and then start breeding :D

    How many rabbits do you have all together now ,, so you now have 9 new 'holes' - 7 new rabbits ,, do you have more empty cages you could use as growout pens ,, :confused:

    lol if you breed all 5 does at the same time you could have 50 .. (OK get up off the floor & quit laughing yall , it 'could' happen) .. fryers to grow out to butchering age ,,

    right now I have 17 - 8 weeks old from 2 does :nana: ,,,, and they are taking up lots of space n eating food ,, lol ,, hubby said the other day when he was putting another 50 pd bag of feed in the can ,, "I need to butcher some of these don't I ,, they're eating a lot ??" I smiled and said yes eating all they can ,, :D

    hes off work Friday and TV says will be nice ,, I'm getting out the scales and 5/6 of the heaviest ones will be in the freezer hopefully by dark ,, lol
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    Yep! I'd say you "done real good".

    What a nice deal for you. Congratulations!

    NeHi Mama
  5. The hutch frames are made out of 2 X 4's with rabbit wire for the flooring and 1 X 2 welded wire for the sides. There boxed in on each end with scrap peices of plywood and the tops have scrap peices of tin that they use to make metal buildings out of. They stand about 5 1/2 feet tall and are a hare over 8' long. Each end has a door to inspect the nest easily. He also gave me the feeders that was in each cage.

    The small 4' long hutch was his grow out pen.

    As for the rabbits that I already had was a total of 2. I had bought one last Easter for one of my girls, which was a buck. Then about the middle of June I bought another one for one of my other girls and it was suppose to be a doe. When it got old enough to breed I flipped her over to see if she was ready and found out that she wasn't a she! :shrug:

    So now I'm kind of over ran with bucks. Total of 4 bucks and 5 does. I will have to sell maybe one buck and need to purchase about 4 more does to fill all my available cages. I already had two empty cages that I needed to fill.

    And yes, the kids do know that I intend to butcher, eat, and sell the fryers.
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    Well, hey, I'd say darned nice deal is right, even if you forgot about the rabbits! Those coops sound exactly like mine, that I build myself, and they are not cheap when you consider the wire and if you buy the lumber. I made a batch this fall and actually bought the roofing steel as well. The nicest thing about them is they are large with lots of room for the rabbits. I hesitate to put any animal into a cage, but these are good sized for buns.


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    I hope you send him a bunny dinner once and a while to show your appreciation.....all cooked so his wife isn't offended ;)
  8. Yep, I've already thought about this. Don't know if I'll cook them for him or not but I have thought about giving him a fryer every once in a while whenever he feels he can talk his wife into cooking it for him. Hopefully he be something like me, "forget the wife, I'll just cook it myself".

    I like the ideal of having all these rabbits. I can see it now: Rabbit dung mixed in my compost barrel. Better fertilized gardens. Maybe a worm farm for the kids to make extra money. And, most of all, better food on my table.