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diapers, anyone make them as preps?

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Have been thinking of making cloth diapers for grandbabies, does anyone have a list of supplies needed for them? Thanks!
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My younger daughter makes and uses them with her little ones, but I've not made them.

The thread above is about making cloth diapers, it's in Sewing and Quilting forum.

I'll try to find the email from my daughter about making them, and get links for you.


List of fabrics, free patterns and all the good stuff.
Thank God my kids are too old for diapers and too young for babies of their own!
Thank you, all! Also, feminine pads, there was a link from hillbillyhousewife. What a money saver that would be, and also good barter material.
If you frequent thrift stores fairly often you can stock up on cotton receiving blankets. They will make good diapers if needed in the future and if you don't need them for that they make good handkerchiefs, wipes and of course blankets. My midwife has been stocking up on any receiving blankets that she comes across just in case moms in the future need them. So it is a good idea to stock up on them, flannel and other absorbent fabric. Also make sure to stock up on diaper pins or snappis. I keep every cloth diaper that comes my way even if I don't use them for my kids. You never know when someone will need some in the future. I also stock up on basic infant and toddler clothing. Warm stuff usually.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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