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Sweet Husband
Wonderful husband
got me the bestest gift ever!!!!
An Ipod. Ok.. it is a Zen wma player.. but it looks like an Ipod to me.
Now, this may not seem like a big deal... but our local public library is partner in an audiobook library thingie adn with my Zen and the library card I can download any book you could ever, ever, ever, ever, ever imagine for free!!!
No more whining about no good adio books at the library. I can download for me and for DS to listen to in the car!
Oh, I am so very happy!
Ya'll should check to see if your libraries are associated with it or a similar thing.
So very cool.. I have been perusing their listings and on my goodness!!! I amy live the rest of every day with a Zen stuck in my ear or plugged into the adapter on the car.
Working in the barn with a good book.. I could shovel all day...
Hitting the grocery store.. oh yeah.
Oh, the hoeing and double digging I can do.......

Happy Scrounger
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What a GREAT! gift :D That's going to get a lot of use, I bet.
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