Dexter Cow for Sale in Arkansas

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    Gusty is a very nice girl, she is very people friendly and doesn't
    spook easily. She leads and loads in a trailor. I didn't milk her
    when she calved in October as I had planned too, because we were
    getting plenty from our other cow Maxine. Her first calf was small,
    about 30lbs. and couldn't keep up with the milk production. Her
    udder got so engorged and the teats also filled up and were very
    hard to get ahold of with hands. I believe she could've been milked
    out by a machine a lot better. But since we didn't have one, we
    borrowed a newborn Brown Swiss from a nearby dairy and put on her
    for about the first month. That relieved her discomfort right away
    and I believe she never got mastitis or anything. I'm not saying
    that she could be used as a nurse cow - she didn't like the brown
    swiss and only let him nurse while in a head stancheon and eating
    feed. Later on, however, Gusty and our other cow Sioux raised their
    calves, Grover and S Kimo, together, letting both nurse on either of
    them. I think it's the color - they were both black and same size.
    Gusty's teats has gotten longer and I believe she could be easily
    milked the second time she freshens. I touch her udder every time I
    check on the cows and she doesn't mind it. When she was very
    engorged and I tried to milk her, she did pick up her leg now and
    then, but it wasn't the "fast as lightning, I'm going to kill you"
    kick, it was a slow "please, leave my poor udder alone" request.

    Gusty's next calf would be due in November-December. Our bull is a
    short-leg so the calf can be ether long or short leg, chances are

    Gusty's sire is 3rd place winner in the mature bull class at the '06
    AGM and her sister out of the same dam but by a different bull was
    winner of the potential milking heifer class at the '07 AGM.

    Gusty for sale for $1250.