Dewberry patch being killed

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    Nov 1, 2004
    Little background.. I bought 5 acres of thick woods. On the edge of the woods was a huge beautiful dewberry patch that produced like crazy. I was able to clear out a nice big area around the pecan tree and it also gave me access to the berry patch. However, I've noticed that the more I clear and mow, the more the woods and the berry patch are being over run with these big "stinky weeds". This year is the absolute worst. Now the berry patch is dying and I can't even see most of it as it's being blocked out by these huge weeds. What have I done and how do I undo it? I don't know what other details to put here, so tell me what else I need to let y'all know so you can help me identify the problem.

    To describe the stinky weed... It's a very tall plant, I'd say full grown about 6 feet high. They are about 1/2" in diameter. The plants are very light and bend-able. They have large broad leaves which are blocking all the sun to the berries. When the plants die in the fall they make almost like bamboo reeds, lightweight and easy to pull up when they are dry. But there are too many to pull up by hand.

    when I moved there, the berry patch had none of the weeds. But like I said, I cleared an open area next to the patch and they have been over-run.
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    Here is a good weed id site. You put in characteristics and they give you possible matches and you can see pix. Check out 'castor bean' first and see if that is it.