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    Apr 25, 2005
    South Carolina
    Ok, i am reading the old Countryside threads and there was this idea to use a dehumidifier and then filter the water to drink. It would cost the electricity of running the thing, (that shouldn't be too much should it....???) As I am sitting her literly dripping with the humity of the south I am wondering if anyone has done this??? I bet I could get TONS of water this way??? Would it be safe to drink?
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    Feb 5, 2003
    No no no no no!!! We were warned about that when we bought a dehu in ND. It may contain dangerous amounts of heavy metal. It is safe for laundry, however. And I stored some in old detergent bottles to use in the iron, and in making cleaning products, as it didn't contain lime.

  3. whodunit

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    Mar 29, 2004
    The dehumidifier we have use lots of power, its a hungrey thing. Sure does a nice job of drying out the house however.

    ~Mrs Whodunit
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    Mar 14, 2005
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    My thoughts on this would to be to take an old refrig that still works. Get a good length of copper tubing, The bigger diamater, the better. Make a coil as large as you can reasonably fit inside the fridge. This coil must me made so that the flow is always going down. Run a pipe thru the side wall of the fridge, near the top. This will be the inlet. Connect this to the copper coil you have mounted in the fridge. Run the other end of the coil thru the wall on the other side of the fridge. Connect a 'T' fitting on the end of the tube so that you have one side pointing up and one pointing down. This is the outlet. On the inlet, attarch a fan (muffin fan, ect...) to blow wet air into the pipe. The top end of the outlet will give you cool air, and the bottom end of the outlet will give you cold pure water. Plumb these ends an desired.

    Due to all of the variables involved, it is impossible to determine exactly how much it will cost to build, how much it will cost to run, how much water it will provide, and how much it will dry the are. I'm afraid I'm not an engineer, just a fool with a lot of chickens.

    I know we have some engineers out there. Any thoughts on this system?