Deer you use them?

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  1. Last year I made two feeders out of PVC pipe. These were designed to hang up in a tree out of the deer's reach but the squirrels could get to it and cause the corn to fall to the ground. They didn't work for me. One was stolen and the other was used for target practice by someone. I learned that I needed to paint them and hide them a little better.

    Today I assembled and painted a PVC pipe and placed it down off the hill from my house. This time I left the bottom opened and filled it with whole corn and then tipped up where the opened end bottom would be against the ground and the pipe placed against a tree and tied down. It will be right where I can check it every morning and see just what all uses it. Might just have me a squirrel dinner or two.
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    May 20, 2004
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    I knew some folks that just set out a salt block on their place and had alll the deer and elk they needed show up.

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    May 11, 2003
    That's exactly the way my dad did his.
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    Feeding deer can cause problems in some area and spread disease such as CWD. Ask your local extension agent. You might find planting a stand of clover, etc. would be more beneficial all the way around.

    Safer is a salt/nutrient block placed on a concrete block to minimize water deterioration, maybe even with a roof. Though deer or other animals can carry/move it when it gets smaller.

    Squirrel gravy and biscuits are delicious. My dog tried to climb an apple tree after one today. They are working hard for winter.