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A real Quack!
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Oggie, you've got to see the bright side of the issue. If there is one...

I surrendered a few years back when the mice kept us up all night in the old farm house we lived in. My wife and kids 'vounteered' to find a barn cat off my brother's farm, I specifically told them, "no BLACK cats - and if it's a kitty it better come from proven mouser blood lines" They couldn't catch anything but this scrawny little, malnurished half dead black kitten.

"Were the mice sounds really that bad...?" I thought as I layed awake in bed, listening to that darn cat crying all night long... Weeks later, it started to "earn" it's keep - proven by presenting us with a big mouse half her size, with the head chewed off. Sick looking, but given the display of blood stains pure hunting instinct - I figured this little kitty wasn't so bad after all. The wife and kids were totally grossed out to find mouse carcasses all over the kitchen floor each morning...

We still got her, 6 years later, and she routinely kills the field rats. Quite a site seeing this black cat tossing headless rats into the air, batting them around - and grossing out the wife and kids.

As far as the dog.... She waits till the hound is sawing logs & chasing bunnies in her sleep, sneaks over quietly, rears back on her hind legs and bats the canine in the chops so hard you can her her lips pop! Then she runs up my chair, curls up like nothing happened while the hound is trying to shake the stars out of her head.

For an entertaining evening, get a lazer pointer, turn off the lights and play, "catch the little light, kitty". They will run into walls, furniture, and attempt to climb drapes, chairs, stairs and unsuspecting legs of unattentive spouses. :haha:
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