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yes, those laser lights are SO much fun! My Kibbles would jump over 4 feet up the wall to try to get that little light! A week before Christmas he died unexpectedly. We had 2 and one loves my hubby best and one loved me best. :( They're only 4 1/2, and healthy so this was VERY unexpected. We got them as starving orphaned kittens whose mother was hit on the road in front of where my husband works... and then I got the call... "there's this little kitten..." After 2 years of him saying NO CATS UNTIL WE MOVE! and then HE wanted it... grrr

Anyways. Poor Boo was very depressed without Kibbles around... and it was heartbreaking to see him mope around the house. Once he saw a cat outside that had a little coloring like Kibbles and you could see that he had turned hopeful that Kibbles was outside and would be back... it was pathetic!

So, off to the shelter I go. It's crowded, with cages everywhere... and looks dirty, like an old cellar, and every cat in every cage has an eye infection. The workers there picked them up with the same amount of care as a rambunctious 4 year old. Adorable and lovable I picked one out. They were closed the entire week of Christmas, so I had waited patiently for them to open in order to save a kitten from being put down and get one that had already been tested for illnesses I didn't want to bring home for my other cat... I filled out a 3 page questionnaire and was told that after my background check, they would call me and tell me if I could have the kitten... It would probably be on Friday (this was Monday). They needed to call my veterinarian and check the records on my cats...

Well, I knew I was done then. My cats don't have up to date rabies shots because they are NEVER outside... when I say never... I mean that in 4 1/2 years, Kibbles had touched the front porch with his paws one time for about 3 seconds... So, I knew I wouldn't qualify... even though my cats are neutered, were tested for all communicable diseases and had shots when they were younger... they'd rather put the cat to sleep or let it live in that filthy cage by the cold outside door than let someone the likes of me have it.

When I told them how outrageous I thought it was that people would spend that much money on an animal that they would abuse, they told me the story which "proved" their point... one lady that got a puppy there put a collar on it and tied it just outside her front door for a short period of time... the puppy fell between the steps and hung itself and they would make sure that SHE would never get another puppy from them!!!! They told her this when she came in crying as she told the story and wanted to get another puppy for her heartbroken son. I felt bad for the woman, because the same thing happened when I was a little girl when my mom was home alone with our new puppy. She cried for days.

So, I went to another shelter... Chloe is beautiful - white with aqua to green eyes, spayed, good house manners and the poor thing has been in a cage for at least 6 of her 12 months. She can't get over the amount of space she has around here! I really miss my Kibbles, and Chloe needs to get a little more cat personality, but she's growing on me. They have this way of doing that, don't they?

Kibbles is buried on our property, where we'll be moving this year... I miss him terribly!
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