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I have a bush, or inside plant that I put outside during the summer months. Being from New Hampshire, the summer season seems short compared to other places throughout the country.

I was noticing that the leaves were not growing as they had, and that I had one branch of the bush that was not growing anything at all. I presumed it dead. I cut off the dead branch so that the rest of the plant could grow healthier and stronger, now that that dead branch wasn't sucking up all the essential nutrients that the living parts of the plant really desperately needed.

I thought about how often we as individuals have a dead or dying part of ourselves that we keep trying to feed. I thought about how, because we do that, the rest of ourselves that is trying to thrive is suffering so badly. Why is it so hard for us to cut off those dead and dying parts of us? Don't we realize how essential it truly is to prune ourselves to grow into the healthiest, brightest, most beautiful beings we can possibly be?

It's definitely not that easy. If it was, we would all have done it already.

Part of gardening is knowing when to prune, when to water, how much sunlight, when to fertilize and when to harvest. We need to be in tune with ourselves on when to do all these things.

Prune- to get rid of the dead and dying parts of ourselves in order to make a healthier us.

Water- when to provide ourselves with the right amount of essential sustenance in order that we may continue to grow and improve into a healthier us.

Sunlight- walk in positive, glorious, joyful light so that you may radiate that light back out toward others after storing that beautiful, bright, gleaming energy

Fertilize- feed our souls with what we hear, what we watch, what we say and what we do. Depending on what fertilizer you use can greatly affect what kind or growth you have. Sometimes, fertilizer can be just that.. a load of crap. Be mindful of the input, because it will effect the output (no pun intended)

Harvest- of the fruit that you bear, be sure to collect the fruits of who you are and give to others. Don't give so much that you become barren like an over-picked fruit tree. Give enough of yourself to others so they may enjoy the beauty of who you are and appreciate you.

Who would have thought one could gather so much insight from pruning a branch of a simple houseplant? I hope these words bring you comfort, insight, and inspiration during these especially dreary times. God bless.


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