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curriculum ?

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anyone in texas have some home-school curriculum for K-3 grade? ebay makes it hard for someone to do right on there, been jipped too many times plus paypal is a rip off. any help, thanks.
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they have a forum where you can buy and sell used books.
you can also click on your state and it will tell you where used book sales are being held in your area. you may want to also contact the home school groups in your area, as they would really have a pulse for where the sales are being hosted. one more thing....check out your states home school convention. they have vendors that sell books at a fraction of the cost (used).

I'm not in TX, but feel free to visit my site. My catalog is up in pdf form. If you see anything you like, shoot me an email!


If you already know what you are looking for I've had great success finding used books on The prices are usually very reasonable too. For more advanced materials I like but their prices can be a little higher.

I am on an internet program for K-8th grade. It does it all!!!! but occasionally I get some books from barnes and noble for writing purposes. They carry several grade level books on all your subjects. is another good source if you are looking for a specific book.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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