Crenshaw melon seeds

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    The Crenshaw melon is the king of canalopes, the one served in 5 star restaurants, where are they hidding the seeds?
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    Did a quick google search using the keywords 'Crenshaw melon seeds' and came up with this.


    651 - CRENSHAW 107 days - This gourmet melon is known for its sweet taste! The skin color of the crenshaw is yellow green, with salmon colored flesh, and grows 6 to 10 pounds. Delicious!
    PKT. - 30 seeds - $1.25

    They also offer a white variety:
    676 - WHITE CRENSHAW 100 days – The creamy, sweet flesh is well worth the wait on this variety. An improved strain of the original, with lush foliage and delicious flavor. Excellent for both specialty markets and home gardens.
    PKT. - 20 seeds - $1.25

  3. Ah, Crenshaw-perfume fruit. I'm growing Iroquois from Baker Creek this year-it's supposed to be more resistant to wilt than Crenshaw. If I can scrounge up some Crenshaw seeds, I'll pm you, mitch.
  4. R.H.Shumway's has them and also Jenny Lind muskmelons also.