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Cows and Burn piles / ashes

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I just burned two of my piles this weekend and once again the cows are "nosing" around and licking the ashes. Is it just my cows or is this common seems every time I burn there they are
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Yes on rolling in the ashes for fly control. As long as there are not nails, staples and such in the ashes, really no problem on their eating them as a mineral supplement.

Old story: A young pig was a 'poor doer' and came through the livestock auction on regular basis to where it even had a name. Auctioneer would say, "Well, I see Charlie is with us again". One farmer bought it and was sure it was dying of some type of wasting away disease. He give it to a neighbor who turned it into a field where a large pile of bush and stumps had been burned. Pig spend several days in the ashes and started doing well immediately. His wasting away was a mineral deficiency.

Ken Scharabok
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