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Knew a woman who was from France. University lecturer. Born there, had lived there before and after the Second World War. She had tuberculosis, and needed tonic food - rich in easily-digestible proteins and easily assimilable minerals. She had a doctor's prescription which enabled her to go to the abbatoir de la Society anonime de l'hippophage (roughly right, although I may have mixed up genders and other bits'n'pieces) - anyway, the slaughter house for the horse butchers - to get a bucket of fresh blood twice a week.

I used to eat lamb's brains - very rich and smooth - loved them. However, even if it wasn't inviting trouble these days (Australia is free of endemic prion diseases like scrapy or BSE) they still have something like 60 times as much cholesterol as ordinary meat, so not on.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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