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  1. sassy_mare

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    Oct 19, 2004
    I live in Northern MN and we just put in a new well. My yard is a big clay mess. I was told I can put down grass seed for next spring but need to cover it. I can get hay much cheaper than straw - can I use that to cover the grass seed?

    Also - can I use hay like I do straw for insulation? I usually put bales around my chicken coop and was told to put some down over the new water lines. Or does it lack the insulating properties since it is more dense?

    Thanks all!

  2. fordson major

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    Jul 12, 2003
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    you can use hay in place of straw but you are more likly to get some weeds growing as well. few weeds in the lawn don't bother some people but others want a green grass carpet. if you can find a farmer with spoiled hay then it will be even cheaper and if your very lucky he could use a forage harvester and chop it into a forage box. small particles are easyer to spread!

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    We got some of the most exotic weeds I'd ever seen when we mulched with hay! It was old and supposedly all the seeds in it had germinated and died, but that was far from the truth -- and it was indeed, very old! There's no guarantee that straw will be weedless, however.

    Hay bales should give you the same insulative value as straw; that sounds like it would be a better value for you. You'll just have to deal with them later, when you're done. If you could find a way to break them apart, wet them and let them dry, you'd germinate and kill most of the seeds, I bet.