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I am horrible lately about getting photos when we are at shows. I either forget to all together or just get a couple.

My mom, me and my 15 year old niece went this year. It was my nieces first time showing the goats period, and her very first time in the ring was in showmanship. Since she is 15 she went up against girls that have been in it for years and years. She took 3rd and I could not be prouder!!!

She then help show my good friend/breeder's daughters goat. And they won Reserve Grand Champion. Being the amazing young lady that Hannah is she gave my niece the ribbon since she showed her. I was so very proud of both girls and they have form a bond that only can be between two young goat loving girls.

Alise (my niece) wanted to sleep with her goat Darla and my dry yearling Delilah. We went to go clean up before bed and came back to the girls with her pillows. Both girls slept curl up with Alise and Hannah.

Heres just a few photos, hopefully I will remember to take more at the Tulsa fair this next week.


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